Today I made two changes to this blog.

I created a separate page to log the sermons I have preached. At the top of the home page on the blog, off to the right, you should see the word “Sermons” and all you have to do is click on that to go directly to that page.

I also created a new page that I plan to use as a space to put reflections, questions, observations and other articles that arise from things I notice in the congregational life of Nobleford CRC. That too has a ‘tab’ or ‘heading’ on the home page, more toward the middle of the page. It’s name may change, but it will likely have the word “Articles” in it. You can hover your mouse over it and it will show you a list of articles that you can chose one from. Of course, right now it only shows the first one, called “Grat(ing) Expectations.” Move your mouse over the one you want to read and click, and it should show up for you.