Today I’m beginning a sequence of reflections about vision. On Sunday morning I mentioned the passage that used to be translated “Without a vision the people perish” (KJV) but which we now understand to mean “Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint” as it says in the NIV.  I take that to mean “where God is not being revealed, people lose a sense of mission, vision, and purpose, and each operates according to their own individual or familiar vision.” I am already forming a theory that Nobleford CRC has looked appreciatively into the rear view mirror for a significant time, but in doing so has possibly not paid attention to planning the road ahead and picking a destination other than continuing the past. So this posting is a first in a series. I don’t know exactly where it is going, and was surprised myself by what I created this morning. Without a Vision, Things Die, Part One.

To read a printable pdf edition of this reflection, follow this link: