Over the past few weeks I have added a tab that leads to a page where all Transition Team materials will be made public after the Team reviews them. This includes our meeting agendas, meeting notes, and my (Pastor Pete’s) presentation notes. The presentation notes are not reviewed before being made public. The meeting notes will, by collective decision, be placed in members mailslots once approved. This is all part of our attempt to communicate well to everyone what we are talking about and doing.

It may be helpful to understand that I do not read or present my own notes word for word, but present them to the team “off the cuff.” Our secretary writes down the essence of what I am heard to say, and what Team members share in response. In due time we will bring all our discussion together into a more formal report, but all are welcome to ‘read over our shoulder’ and even ask team members questions about things. In fact, them being asked questions will both help them learn (by trying to explain) and also will help them know what is important or striking to you or what makes you curious. Remember that most of these phrases that are in the meeting notes are spoken in a context, and it is just impractical to share the full context of any discussion.

Here is a link to the first two pages of notes I presented at our first meeting: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ey17p3j2abq7fz2/Summary%20of%20convergence%20of%20factors%20pages%201%20and%202.pdf

After next Wednesday’s meeting, I will post the next 3 pages.