A former CRC member that reads this blog linked me up to someone else’s blog posting last week, saying it sounds similar to some of what I say on this blog. I read it, and completely agree, and recognize that what that pastor says is very relevant in Nobleford and the whole area.

Here is the link, and below the link I will give my very short summary of what I hear him saying:


Summary (with maybe a bit of interpretation):

The law is an agent or instrument of condemnation. Those grumpy joyless men who control it’s interpretation and application in a community create a conformity club, a cult, a captivity to legalism and other isms that kills people spiritually by a lack of grace-in-action even as it nods the theological head to grace’s existence.
The New Covenant in Christ in contrast is a freeing one. It brings joy, release, renewed relationship with God the Creator through the imputed righteousness of Christ in believers.
Grumpy men (like the parabolic older brother to the originally lost brother) like the power which control of the application of the law gives them (because they are operating in the flesh, not the Spirit) and the power of pressing for conformity in the community. Admittedly there is a kind of security in that conformity, but it is a false comfort. It creates and fosters and festers spiritual death seen in the six rotten fruits he lists. In my own words, these are: Closed Cult; A Complex of opposition to those who don’t believe as they do; Pride in lawkeeping; Strong need for conformity to Group-think & rejection of dissenters; Lack of joy; and many in the community not understanding the gospel of grace at all and in fact being fearful of the liberties grace can give.
Those who have left churches with that practice have moved on legitimately, though often their experience of such churches causes a walking away from Reformed faith altogether.
So, are we fostering fruit of the Spirit through grace? or are we fostering the fruit of the flesh in our churches. A very very important consideration!