Today, instead of generating a post of my own thoughts, it seems fitting to introduce you to a site that is rich with Christian Reformed ideas and experiences and questions and thoughts. As the weather stays cold, and many of you have some time yet, it can be very worthwhile to browse this site to see what you can learn from others in the Christian Reformed Church. There are places for Elders to share and learn, as there is for Deacons, Sunday School teachers, worship leaders and almost any other category you can come up with.

The site is the CRC Network:

Take some time to take  a look around it, and maybe type in a search term and see if it has been talked about before.

Here’s a posting there that has relevance to some recent discussions on council:

here is another:

And if you came to this blog today for something provocative to think about, take a look at this one:

Yes, I admit that I am partly doing this because I believe that Nobleford CRC is a bit isolated and insulated from what is happening in the bigger CRC world, and I am interested in reconnecting you with that.

That is it for now, but I am planning a post with some other interesting links in it for this week as well.