Life Together

I didn’t get around to creating a new post of my own this week, but did come across this one today by another CRC pastor that has relevance, so I am sharing it. You can see the whole post by clicking on the title above. But here are the best bits:

The Church is the community that births, nurtures and mentors believers towards mature, active faith. She is the womb of faith, mother of believers, Body of Jesus. She is living, organic – not some institution.

What’s Church all about?

  • We provide safe space for people beat up by life… or others.
  • We provide coaching and mentoring and teaching to counter the often deceptively harmful influences of the world, and to guide people in living authentic Jesus-following lives, growing in their relationship with him.
  • We foster relationships that encourage and support.
  • Together we serve in ways that as individuals we simply couldn’t accomplish.
  • And…..we WORSHIP.

We take time each week to stop whatever it is we’re doing and we deliberately focus our time and energy and passion on the Triune God that made us, rescued us, and now dwells within us… Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We worship, we live.
We share…..
Life together.

And so I’m wondering a little about…

Do we focus here on relationships instead of rules?
How about people before policy?
How about mentoring before membership?
How about hospitality before hierarchy?