Observational and Reflective articles

This page is a place where I will post links to writing I do derived from thoughts I have or articles I write that I think have some application to our situation in Nobleford.

The first one is called “Grat(ing) Expectations” and you can get to it by clicking on the title to the left. Posted April 22 2013

This one follows on the first, and asks for consideration of the question “Is the church an Innie or an Outie?” Posted April 29 2013

A new thought, but a crucial one to my work among you: “The Layers of the Church” Posted May 6, 2013

How we accidentally cause people to feel excluded and how to begin to change that “No more Joiners” May 13, 2013

Without a Vision things die, part one; raising a question. May 21, 2013

Without a Vision, death begins, part two. May 27, 2013

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