Rituals of the real North American Religion

Exerpt of an Expert Alien’s Report on Religious Customs Observed in Creatures on the Continent Referred to as America.

The creatures I observed clearly showed in their behaviours that purchasing and consumption were their most important activities. These are some of the ritual behaviours I observed that verify this premise.

The creatures make elaborate pilgrimages to special temples where their religious duty is to wander from place to place (sometimes circling seemingly endlessly) and admire things and make what they call “purchases” in which the vendors pretend they are being taken advantage of while at the same time acting as if satisfying the pilgrim is uppermost. So in a temple of footwear, for instance, the signs might say “take advantage of these savings” and yet the priestess who helps the pilgrim will travel into the holy of holies numerous times to find just the right colour and fit for the pilgrim. When the worshiping pilgrim has made their choice, they are led to an officiant where a ritualized transaction takes place where the price of the transaction is named, and the pilgrim hands over small flat objects, and after doing some formatted motions with those objects that priest hands some back and the pilgrim is congratulated and a blessing is pronounced over them, such as “have a good day!” after which they move to find the next worship opportunity.

The whole purpose of all this is to have the pilgrims serve the god “Consumption” by purchasing and consuming things.

A form of this ritual happens in all consumption temples. The common elements of these temples is that they are well lit, colourful, are often near each other, and have many message boards calling the pilgrim in and guiding their actions. For instance, many pilgrims, in the temples that distribute food items, will spend the first few moments in the temple looking above the priests and preistesses, and meditating on the messages before engaging in the rest of their worship.

Looking deeper into this pattern there is a system in place that convinces pilgrims their existing goods, though they may be working or functioning well, are no longer safe, or no longer worthy of being used. Some areas even have inspection stations where transportation vessels are examined for such purposes. Temples which offer fresh gleaming transport equipment will even offer rewards for bringing in the old and leaving them there.

A secondary religion seems to be the observation of competition events. It is known they are a secondary god because they seem to exist to carry messages about the duty of observers to “consume” in order to satisfy the main god.

The measure of how religiously and spiritually healthy the continent is is called “The Economy” and there are many highly trained experts who know how to read the signs of health or unhealth in the economy. If the signs are unhealthy, other key leaders will be encouraged to make speeches encouraging the pilgrims to pick up the pace of consumption in order to keep the signs healthy….

+++ end exerpt

Well, you get the picture, I hope. The picture is intended to show, among other things, that all our behaviours and interactions have rituals to them, and even our shopping for Christmas can be seen as ritualized worship of the god of consumption. My question to myself and to you is: How can I be careful not to be serving the god of consumption which is in fact a huge false god in North America? How can I somehow represent the Kingdom of God in the middle of all that?

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