Transition Team Report

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It looks unlikely that I will produce a blog post this week, which is ok, because the Transition Team’s report is complete and has been shared with the congregation, so I thought I’d post it here as well. It contains plenty to think about without me adding new stuff.

Here is a review of what led to the creation of this report. I (Pastor Pete) presented to the Team members, over a number of months, my observations made from visiting and interacting in the congregation. We discussed them as we went.

The Team members were then each asked to make their own list of 5 things they thought were most significant. Those lists were blended together into this report.

It was presented to council (including incoming members) at their last meeting, and it has been printed and shared with congregation members via their mailboxes. Council now has the responsibility of ‘owning’ these observations as valid, and then coming up with ways to address them.

The report, I realized after it had been presented to council, confuses some people because they might have been expecting something different. Some seem to have expected a more technical “How to fix the problem” report, or a more theological defining of the issues and their solutions. Neither of those are within the Team’s mandate, authority or ability. Council has the authority. What in fact the Team has produced, I realized, is a list of adaptive challenges for the council and entire congregation.




July 2014 “where we are in the process” update

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As I put in my last few minutes before officially starting a two week vacation, it seems a good idea to create a post updating you on where we are in our Transition Process at this time.

Here is the description of that: http://wp.me/P3etrg-ge



I changed the look of the blog.

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Don’t be thrown off by the change in appearance please. It is still the same content. I was getting tired of the jumbledness of the tabs. This is neater. We’ve gone from a chalkboard to a notepad.

The Oversight Committee’s report to Classis

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OK this won’t interest everyone, but at Classis last week the committee of Classis that is overseeing Nobleford CRC’s process of self-evaluation gave a report. I think it is worth sharing, and have asked the Committee for permission to do so. Consensus is that it is a public document, having been presented at Classis in a public setting.

“Classis” is a twice-a-year regional gathering of appointed Pastor Elder and Deacon delegates from each church.

Classis appointed such an oversight team for the congregation and for Pastor Kevin when the Article 17 parting was finalized. In each case the oversight groups will give final advice to Classis about whether and when the congregation is ready to be approved to call a pastor again, and in the case of Pastor Kevin Jordan, whether and when he is ready to be available to entertain a call to a church.

Here is a link to the report: http://wp.me/P3etrg-98

New partial picture and new reflective article

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I’ve put up another article, which you can read by clicking here.

I also took a shapshot of the front of the church, but can only use a small part of it. If you think about the reason I am here, you will understand why I picked the part I did.