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Yes, a bit of a mysterious title, but that’s a way to pique your curiosity and have you feel compelled to follow the link.

I am in a time when I am making many new theological and scriptural connections, and even though I have a gut sense it might be time to slow down in presenting you with new-to-you interpretations and understandings, when God has me in a phase like this when many things are converging into ideas and applications that make sense, I just have to share them!

So here are this weeks thoughts: http://wp.me/P3etrg-5x


Lending substance to my claim to see similarties

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As I mentioned publicly, I have been reading a book co-written by nine young adults who were raised Hutterite and who found the true gospel of freedom in Jesus Christ and left their colonies (and often families) to live in our world.

I also mentioned publicly that I see similarities in the CRC I have known and know now and some of the mistaken cultural and religious beliefs and behaviours of the Hutterites and other similar groups.

The post this link takes you to is a partial demonstration of what I see. I simply had to stop the project of documenting this, because more important work was falling by the wayside.

To go there, click on the underlined words just above, or follow this: http://wp.me/P3etrg-aS

No original material for a post this week, but a few other interesting things…

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First, this article raised some CRC pride for me, hopefully not to a sinful level. But it was a striking thing for a study to find that giving as a percentage of income in the CRC is pretty close to double that of other denominations: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2013/september-web-only/secrets-of-giving-church.html

This next article about running a church being one of the hardest things (similar to running a hospital or a university) is something to let the brain chew on: http://www.churchcentral.com/blog/11155/Leading-a-church-more-complex-than-leading-a-business?utm_source=NetWorld+Alliance&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EMNACCC09132013v2 It also is thought provoking in the things it mentions that make it difficult. For me 2, 4, 5, 6, and 9 stood out, but 10 is also a demanding reality.

And lastly a website that ventures into dangerous pride territory again, namely one showing the New Hymnal “Lift Up Your Hearts” getting awards and compliments from many people: http://www.liftupyourheartshymnal.org/?utm_source=CRC+Pastors&utm_campaign=4284276d4e-For+CRC+Pastors&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c84d0eacb4-4284276d4e-52303645

A word of explanation: This week I am a little preoccupied with the final forming of the Transition Team, with planning sermons ahead a bit so I’m not scrambling after my week away to attend my daughter’s wedding (I also hope to attend the Kings University College Presidential Inauguration Oct 5th), and I’m trying to replace my car, which I was informed last week is deemed “not worth repairing” from hail damage. So by my own deadline of Tuesday night, I had no bright or pressing ideas for the blog, and went with plan B of sharing other info.

Pastor Pete


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I wrote an article about Layers in the church. You can read it here: https://stmatnobleford.wordpress.com/applied-articles-for-nobleford/the-layers-of-the-church/

I Re-organized things…

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Today I made two changes to this blog.

I created a separate page to log the sermons I have preached. At the top of the home page on the blog, off to the right, you should see the word “Sermons” and all you have to do is click on that to go directly to that page.

I also created a new page that I plan to use as a space to put reflections, questions, observations and other articles that arise from things I notice in the congregational life of Nobleford CRC. That too has a ‘tab’ or ‘heading’ on the home page, more toward the middle of the page. It’s name may change, but it will likely have the word “Articles” in it. You can hover your mouse over it and it will show you a list of articles that you can chose one from. Of course, right now it only shows the first one, called “Grat(ing) Expectations.” Move your mouse over the one you want to read and click, and it should show up for you.