Ok that title is intended to make you curious.

My posting this week is more general and expresses something theological and relational that I have been thinking about for a long long time, since a discussion about the forbidden fruit with my Sowminary buddy back in the late ’80s or so. I’m a little afraid to share it, because I know how provocative it has been for me, and how much it has challenged and changed my approach to things as I have come to understand it more and more.

Before I get to it, I need to tell you what sparked thinking about it afresh. Two things, really. An internet discussion group I am part of is debating women in office, (again) and what is striking me in that is that one person who would be considered a progressive person, is speaking in very stark terms about expectations as to where we should go next as a denomination, and can’t see any middle ground.

The other is a great initial meeting with a group of young people who are preparing to publicly profess their faith. We studied the parable of the Lost Son together and had some good discussion. That parable came to mind because yesterday morning I began reading “The Prodigal God” by Tim Keller which was lent to me. I highly recommend that book, in fact it would make a great bible study group.

Well, those elements all came together this morning, and I wrote this reflection which you can get to by this link: http://wp.me/P3etrg-eL