First, this article raised some CRC pride for me, hopefully not to a sinful level. But it was a striking thing for a study to find that giving as a percentage of income in the CRC is pretty close to double that of other denominations:

This next article about running a church being one of the hardest things (similar to running a hospital or a university) is something to let the brain chew on: It also is thought provoking in the things it mentions that make it difficult. For me 2, 4, 5, 6, and 9 stood out, but 10 is also a demanding reality.

And lastly a website that ventures into dangerous pride territory again, namely one showing the New Hymnal “Lift Up Your Hearts” getting awards and compliments from many people:

A word of explanation: This week I am a little preoccupied with the final forming of the Transition Team, with planning sermons ahead a bit so I’m not scrambling after my week away to attend my daughter’s wedding (I also hope to attend the Kings University College Presidential Inauguration Oct 5th), and I’m trying to replace my car, which I was informed last week is deemed “not worth repairing” from hail damage. So by my own deadline of Tuesday night, I had no bright or pressing ideas for the blog, and went with plan B of sharing other info.

Pastor Pete