Why pastors need strong healthy boundaries (will be a series of posts)

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“The pastor is called so serve God and his people, right?” the person said.

The pastor hesitantly responded with a “Yes.”

“Well then, when one of the people has a need, he should always be there to serve them, right?”


At least that is my answer, and the answer of more and more pastors. We all will have our reasons…

Here is a link to the rest of part one of my fleshing this out: http://wp.me/P3etrg-gb

(the conversation above us a construct, not a quote)



Fractured Flocks

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I don’t have any idea how many people in the congregation subscribe to the Christian Courier (CC), but in my opinion it is a paper that is being refreshed by a relatively new generation of editors and writers who are not afraid to tackle hard questions for the church.
Even though the official denominational magazine has never addressed this concern in a specific article, CC now has put out a second article on the issue of the rapid rise in struggles between pastors and congregations and the separations that result in what we call an Art. 17 (no-fault agreement to part ways) or Art. 14 (minister stepping out of ministry).
You in Nobleford are of course one of those statistics, and if you haven’t read the original article about this, called “Fractured Flocks” it is worth a read, as is the follow up article which was just made public.
At the Elders meeting last night it came up that often the people of this church think they are the only ones struggling with these kinds of things. But the article makes it clear you are not the only ones.
Update: http://www.christiancourier.ca/news.php (this link no longer leads to the article I wanted to share, but brings you to the latest web page of Christian Courier)

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