Value integrity

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I feel a need to give my creativity and deeper thinking a rest this week. So instead of creating a new posting I’ll share one I wrote and shared on the CRC network a few weeks ago. It has relevance here, but really addresses a broader issue for all churches.



R before T

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Yes, a bit of a mysterious title, but that’s a way to pique your curiosity and have you feel compelled to follow the link.

I am in a time when I am making many new theological and scriptural connections, and even though I have a gut sense it might be time to slow down in presenting you with new-to-you interpretations and understandings, when God has me in a phase like this when many things are converging into ideas and applications that make sense, I just have to share them!

So here are this weeks thoughts: http://wp.me/P3etrg-5x

Part two of Without Vision… Withering

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I just posted the latest addition to my thoughts. You can read it by clicking here.

To read a printable pdf version follow this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e62e8br9mizrd8s/Without%20A%20Vision%2C%20things%20die%2C%20Part%20Two.pdf

Vision and the lack of it.

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Today I’m beginning a sequence of reflections about vision. On Sunday morning I mentioned the passage that used to be translated “Without a vision the people perish” (KJV) but which we now understand to mean “Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint” as it says in the NIV.  I take that to mean “where God is not being revealed, people lose a sense of mission, vision, and purpose, and each operates according to their own individual or familiar vision.” I am already forming a theory that Nobleford CRC has looked appreciatively into the rear view mirror for a significant time, but in doing so has possibly not paid attention to planning the road ahead and picking a destination other than continuing the past. So this posting is a first in a series. I don’t know exactly where it is going, and was surprised myself by what I created this morning. Without a Vision, Things Die, Part One.

To read a printable pdf edition of this reflection, follow this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i11fu39ukhubbmo/Without%20a%20Vision%2C%20things%20die%2C%20Part%20One.pdf