Communal Worship as celebration of spiritual growth

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I gave a brief description of aspects of this line of thought on Sunday evening, but here is a post that lays it out in written words. The idea is that too many people come to Sunday worship with their spiritual batteries too low for an effective recharge that can last a whole week. It is better that people come as wells of living water, not as dried up cisterns. How fair is it if the majority arrive dried out like that and then expect the worship leaders and pastors to ‘fill them to overflowing’? It is not.

Here is the post: http://wp.me/P3etrg-g6

In Formation vs Information

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I have lots of thoughts and ideas rumbling around in me after Easter weekend and then a retreat. I wrote a post that puts two of them out for you to consider.

Our conference speaker Graham Standish spoke about how many churches believe that sharing information is what the sermon and church teaching is all about, and how the church needs to relearn instead the value of Spiritual formation. As he spoke about that I began to see that my approach to preaching and the shaping of worship services focuses more on the second one while you in general as a congregation might be expecting the first.

Here’s the link to the page where I explain this: http://wp.me/P3etrg-eq


Anxiety in the preservationist church system

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Warning. This is probably the most complex and longest posting to date, one which ties a number of things I have talked about before together. It will take some time to read and digest. Be prepared to invest that.

This posting is very important, particularly for anyone in leadership. In the blog posting I take some small matters related to practices or the way we do things like preaching, worship and Lord’s Supper and attempt to show how I see them as issues that arise because we’ve lost a principled Reformed way of shaping worship and have in fact fallen into simply keeping and maintaining what was done before. All of that to the detriment of making room for God to grow us spiritually, emotionally, and personally in relationship to him and each other. Here is the actual posting: http://wp.me/P3etrg-eb

Worship and learning with the whole body involved

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I have a sense that many in this area are so used to the belief and practice that the mind is our best tool for worshipping God and learning about God that it is worth trying to explain how I see that as less than effective.

Read my explanation here: http://wp.me/P3etrg-cE

Please respond, especially if you don’t understand or don’t agree. This is a very important and significant general change of theology and practice going on in the CRC. Also, if you have learned the same thing I’m saying, respond with some thoughts and feelings and experiences of your own.

Formality and reverence

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I wrote a post by which I hope to generate some personal reflection and maybe discussion of what reverence is with respect to church life and worship. You can read it here: http://wp.me/P3etrg-5E

For a printable pdf version, follow this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jdlq50acfv9l7n5/Reverence%20and%20Formality.pdf