Agenda for Nov 20 2013 meeting of the TT

Nov 20 2013

Agenda, Nobleford CRC Transition Team Second Meeting

7pm @ the Church

  1. Welcome

  2. Opening scripture and prayer by Pastor Pete

  3. Getting acquainted with each other: I will ask and answer some questions that should help us understand each other: recipe/instruction question & pet peeve question

  4. Organizational details:

    1. Reviewing the minutes of last meeting for a consensus that they are an accurate record. We may want to discuss how they become part of the record. Do we share them publicly?

    2. Appointing a spokesperson and a timekeeper (I don’t think we need a chairperson)

      1. Description of roles: Spokesperson is simply the official representative to the congregation, if there are announcements to be made or reports to be presented. The timekeeper merely assists Pastor Pete in staying focused. Hmmm which role will be the harder one?

      2. Other roles can be created and people named to them as we see a need.

      3. Book recommendations

    3. Asking for a volunteer who will close the meeting later with a prayer

  5. Quick review of where we are in our task/job (using whiteboard)

  6. Hearing the beginnings of Pastor Pete’s observations and conclusions

    1. I believe the outcome with Pastor Kevin was inevitable because of:

      1. Congregational dynamics

        1. Unhealthy dynamics in the congregation <— We are here!

        2. Weaknesses in the search process

    2. Observations about Congregational Dynamics

      1. Positive: Multi-generational, no gaps and not seriously shrinking

      2. Question on a sensitive subject to check your awareness

      3. Growth and learning areas – Pastor Pete’s observations and theories

        1. Unhealthy or unhelpful dynamics in the congregation

          – I will present observations, we will discuss them and I will ask if they make sense, and then if they fit your perceptions of Nobleford. I hope to remember to do this after each one.

  7. Setting Next Meeting:

    1. First choice: eg: Wed, Dec 4, 7 pm @ church

    2. Alternate choice: Wed, Dec 11, 7 pm @ church

  8. Closing Prayer

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