Book List

This is a list of books related to transitonal times in churches and other organizations that I (Pastor Pete) have made available for Transition Team members and anyone interested to read:

TITLE                                            SUBJECT MATTER                                   TARGET AUDIENCE

“Deep Change”                           Adaptive change vs Technical                  Business leaders 

 “The Leader’s Journey”          A leader must be growing to lead            Church leaders

 “Leadership on the line…”     Adaptive change                                            Business and Academics

 “Embers to a Flame”                Revitalizing using Biblical principles    Church

 “Healing the Heart.. .               Healing hurts the church creates            Church, Pastors, Leaders

       of Your Church”

“When Steeples Cry”                   Encouragment to lamment                       Church

“Holy Conversations'”                Strategic Planning as                                   Church

                                                                       spiritual discipline

“Beginning Ministry Together”      Clergy transitions                                   Church & Clergy

“Finding Our Story”                     Using the power of story                            Church & Leaders                                                                                                             to help change

“Who is Our Church?”                Congregational self-discovery                 Church

“Managing Polarities in Cong.” Naming Polarities to reduce anxiety    Church

“Leadership and Listening”         Discovering God’s desires                       Church & Leadership

“Leading Change in the Cong.”  The “Way” through change                    Church

“Str. Lead’ship for change”            Helping members embrace change   Church

“Paying Attention”                           Focusing Cong. On what matters         Church

“Creating the Future Together”   Preparing for transition                           Church

Discovering Your C’s Future Spiritually guided planning Church __________________

Revitalizing Congregations The value of Transitional ministry Church __________________

From Stuck to Unstuck Using Paradox to break impasse Church __________________

The Turnaround Church An account of a revitalized church Church __________________

The Meandering Way From driven leading to “meandering” Church, personal __________________

In Search of the Church Look at many Biblical models of church Church __________________

We’ve Never … before Challenging old organizational myths Church __________________


“Wisdom Hunter” A rigid pastor learns to loosen up and trust the Spirit instead of knowledge 

Other (Generally challenging books)

Blue like Jazz Radically new look at church __________________

Velvet Elvis Radically new look at church __________________

revolution by barna explores why people are leaving church __________________

Generous Orthodoxy triest to describe how church can be body of Christ in a postmodern age __________________

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