Transition Team agenda for Oct 30th 2013 Inaugural meeting

October 30 2013

Agenda, Nobleford CRC Transition Team Inaugural Meeting

7pm @ the Church

  1. Welcome

  2. Opening scripture and prayer by Pastor Pete

  3. Organizational details:

    1. Appointing a note taker/clerk/minute maker

      1. Description of role: This needs to be a person who is more comfortable listening and writing a summary of what is said than saying too much themselves, a person who can listen to long-winded speeches and stories by Pastor Pete and distill them down to a one phrase or one sentence summary. With these skills the person will create summary reviews of the previous meeting that will bring all that we talked about right back to memory just like that.

    2. Asking for a volunteer who will close the meeting later with a prayer

    3. Other roles to set next meeting:

      1. Chairperson (description of role)

      2. We might identify other roles as we go along…

  4. Getting acquainted with each other: I will ask and answer some questions that should help us understand each other.

  5. Getting acquainted with our task/job

    1. Sharing the key stages our work is expected to follow and flow through, each stage completing with a report to council/congregation

      1. Processing what Pastor Pete has seen

      2. Gathering information about best’s from the Congregation

      3. Discerning who God is calling us to be as a church today and going forward

      4. Describing what kind of pastor will best help in fulfilling that calling –> Search Team

  6. Hearing the beginnings of Pastor Pete’s observations and conclusions

    1. Based on all I have learned in life and in visiting in the congregation, I believe the outcome with Pastor Kevin was inevitable because of:

      1. Weaknesses in the search process

      2. Unhealthy dynamics in the congregation

      3. Who Pastor Kevin was and is. (this part is not our mandate, but needs to be named as well)

  7. Setting Next Meeting:

    1. First choice: eg: Wed, Nov 20, 7 pm @ church

    2. Alternate choice: Wed, Nov 27, 7 pm @ church

  8. Closing Prayer

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